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Sonet Fibre Optic Installers

Sonet Communications Ltd was formed in May 2002 by people with considerable experience and skills in the communications sector of Public and Private Industry.

The experience of the management and engineers at Sonet Communications Ltd is extensive, to say the least. Each key member at Sonet has a successful pre-history of many years within the communications sector. Commendably being associated with various projects undertaken by BT, NTL (Fibre to Desk), Marconi (SDH), Siemens (Educational establishments, Health Trusts and Industry), Cable and Wireless (Fibre Optic Backbones Urban and Rural installations) and Eircom (Fibre Optic Backbones, Urban and Rural installations). High standards and an intricate knowledge of their respective fields, led the directors of Sonet Communications to take the next natural step, and become the cutting edge of one of the most competitive industries to date.


Brief history of the Communications Sector

With the communications sector having surfaced in the early to mid-eighties to facilitate the use of comms in the workplace, the need for structured cabling and infrastructure grew at a very prolific rate. It was around this time that the directors of Sonet Communications Ltd became involved in the industry via companies who were at that time providing the services required.

Over the years, as experience and technical knowledge grew, the industry expanded at a rapid rate, and the need for specialist contractors increased. This soon led to different aspects of the industry coming to the fore. For example, due to rapid specialisation in the copper and fibre optic engineers sector, the main cable in the early days for networking was RS232, which is now virtually defunct for this purpose due to fibre optic installers the norm now is for Cat5e and Cat6 to be installed for these networks.

The management of Sonet Communications Ltd have the history of experience required within each respective area of the ever-evolving communications sector. We have our fingers on the pulse, and the expertise to advise on the best solutions to any project in the comms sector.

The management and engineers of Sonet Communications Ltd are fully qualified (certifiable) in all aspects from Project Management to system network design to testing and commissioning of fibre optic installers.

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